Thursday, April 17, 2008

You asked for it... and so we're giving it to you. Volume 6!

Volume 6 of the (mis)adventures of everyone's favorite traceur's: CrashLand, cf_ben, <blink>, Kuminator, and introducing Bazooka Joe! Feel the love, nurse the injuries.

We're famous!!!

We recently were featured (or rather Old Man Parkour Volume 4 was featured) on the front page of We are all very excited and have been amazed at all the positive feedback that is rushing in. Talk about motivation!

Here's a direct link to the article:

Volume 5

Volume 4

Volume 3

Old Man Parkour, volume 2

Introducing "Old Man Parkour"!

The video below represents our inaugural effort at parkour. It's a little bit of old news now... but enjoyable nonetheless.

Parkour la vie!

It's about time I kicked this off. We've been posting videos of our parkour exploits for over a month now, yet we haven't really had a place to talk about our experiences, injuries, and such. Even if this little blog becomes nothing more than a place for us to look back on and remember, I think it's important to capture.

Let's get bloggin'.